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What is TIPS?

TIPS (Threat Assessment, Incident Management and Prevention Services) is an innovative and award-winning platform of tools equipping your organization to immediately improve safety and threat assessment/safety team efforts, incident reporting, incident management, intervention and prevention efforts and documentation for legal, regulatory and internal audit obligations.

In today’s litigious, increasingly regulated and safety-oriented society, school administrators have responsibilities to ensure ongoing compliance with regulations, respond promptly to bullying/cyberbullying reports and ensure appropriate actions are taken to prevent serious and tragic incidents from occurring.

Risk & Insurance Magazine recognized Rick Shaw (CEO and founder of Awareity) with the Risk Innovator Award for Education because the TIPS platform is a proven, innovative and out-of-the-ordinary risk mitigation solution.

The TIPS platform is equipping schools, colleges/universities and organizations and equipping students, teachers, staff and third-parties to confidentially and anonymously report incidents (violence, harassment, bullying, cyberbullying, sexual assaults, gangs, threats, weapons, suspicious incidents, etc.) and respond to critically needed surveys.

The TIPS platform is 100% customizable to automatically notify Threat Assessment/Safety Team members so red flags and warning signs do not fall through the gaps or get lost in silos and disconnects. Threat Assessment/Safety Team members can securely share information, confidentially coordinate their actions, set automated reminders and view related incident reports to connect-the-dots and ensure the most effective intervention and prevention actions are taken and documented.

The TIPS Awareness & Accountability Vault empowers individuals to review and acknowledge documents (roles, procedures, guidelines, handbooks, situational awareness obligations, etc.) as needed with audit-ready and legal-ready documentation and real-time dashboard status reports.

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